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    Outdoor exit game        +        Murder Mystery         +         Treasure Hunt
Play in a game without walls, where monuments, parks, fountains, and buildings become your furniture – and your environment holds the keys to virtual locks.
Each game holds a crime waiting to be solved through pulling pieces of the puzzle from your surroundings. Unravel the mystery as you explore the city.
You know where to start, but only with your wits and wisdom will your next locations be unveiled. As you progress in your quest the story will unfold before you, taking you closer to the truth, step by step.
Detecticity is an adventure, mixing exploration, investigation, sightseeing and fun in one great team experience for all!
Discover the city through different eyes and open the door to a new kind of adventure!         Required operating system: Android 5.1 / iOS 9.3.3 / Windows 8.1 or later

FIRST click on the city you wish to play in. Then you will see the choice of games available in your location. Click the cart icon under the game summary to add the game to the cart. It will appear in the cart icon on top of your screen.


Click on the cart icon on top of your screen. When ready to make your purchase, tick the box to confirm you read and accepted our terms and conditions, then select "CONFIRM". Give us your name & email address (you will receive details to this address so please make sure it is correct). In case you have a code to use, please key in and then select "ADD", then select "CONTINUE".



Upon successful payment through WorldPay, you will receive an email with the invoice for your purchase, and a second one with all the important details you need to play the game. Read the instructions carefully, with special attention to how the game works. Print the attachment and take it with you as it will be essential for playing the game. 


The link in the email received takes you to downloading the purchased game. Please download only to the smart device you will use for the game. It is not an app you are to download, the game works as a page opened in your browser. The operating system requirement for the game to download and run properly is: Android 5.1.Lollipop, iOS 9.3.3 or Windows 8.1


Once you arrive at the starting point of the game (as defined in the printout document), You can start the game. Should you experience any technical difficulties, you can re-load the game within 3 hours on starting it. After downloading the content into your browser, there is no deadline as to when you first start playing.


When you have finished the game, you may choose to upload your score to our website, so you and other players see on the leaderboard how well you did in solving the mystery.

A young girl has been kidnapped. The kidnappers demand a huge ransom. The circumstances are unclear and everyone is under suspicion. Who masterminded her abduction? Why? Find out by tracing her last moves, talking to people, and pulling all the pieces of the puzzle together in the very heart of the city.
39 GBP
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EARLYBIRD SURPRISE: £10 off for purchases made before 15th February.

The featured price of £39 already includes discount (full price is £49).

Terms and Conditions apply.

The Sarah Lynn Mystery
Sarah Lynn has disappeared. No traces, or hints to where she might be… Where was she seen last? Who did she meet? What secrets do they keep, and what has it got to do with Sarah? The police aren’t helping but her mother is at her wits end. You must find out what happened, where Sarah is now. The answers are all there in the city centre you just need to find them.
The Sarah Lynn Mystery
39 GBP
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EARLYBIRD SURPRISE: £10 off for purchases made before 15th February. 

The featured price of £39 already includes discount (full price is £49).

Terms and Conditions apply.

Murder in the Garden
Samantha Springfield was only 24 when found dead in the Gardens. The first CSI report is ambiguous: was it an accident or a murder? Did anyone see anything? What was she doing in the Gardens before her death? Who was she with? The Westend is eager to see the case solved, and they need you to do it. If only plants could talk…
Murder in the Garden
39 GBP
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EARLYBIRD SURPRISE: £10 off for purchases made before 15th February. 

The featured price of £39 already includes discount (full price is £49). 

Terms and Conditions apply.

We were one of the first people to take part in Detecticity's outdoor adventure. We explored the city centre, unlocking quests and solving riddles as we went. Discovering things in the city I have never noticed before. Absolutely loved the experience, I would definitely recommend this.

I was invited along with a friend to play the City game, won through entry of a competition. This involved solving puzzles  across Glasgow for clues. I would fully recommend it - especially for families - as it is an immersive experience, involving everyone. It's a great way to explore the city centre with your friends and family :)



  • How do I buy a game?
    You can buy the game online through our website. Select the city, then the game from the available options in your selected city, then click on “buy”.
  • What technical parameters are required to play the game?
    Your device needs to have one of the following operating systems as a minimum requirement: Android 5.1 Lollipop, iOS 9.3.3, or Windows 8.1. Also, your browser needs to have at least 60MB available cache memory, so please close all other pages in your browser when downloading and during play.
  • How can I pay for a game?
    You can pay by Visa, Mastercard and JCB cards. Unfortunately, we do not accept American Express.
  • I need an invoice. How do I get it?
    For every purchase of our games we automatically send an invoice together with your purchase confirmation. These are sent to the email address you input when making your purchase.
  • What languages are available?
    The games are currently available in English only.
  • When can I play the game?
    You can play at any time, it is absolutely and independently your choice, there is no need to book a time slot at all. However, the "Murdrr in the Garden" game takes place entirely on the premises of the Glasgow Botanic Gardens, so please consult their website for open hours before playing.
  • How long is a game?
    The game is not timed, the duration is very much dependant on the player. As a guide, the average completion time is approximately 2 hours.
  • Is the game scary?
    No, it is not scary. Although it is a crime story there are no images or sounds of a violent nature.
  • Are there any age restrictions?
    Some of the stories have references to violence which might not be appropriate for younger players. These references are clearly stated on the website for each game. It is advised not to bring children to play who are either too young or unfit to walk for about two hours. The puzzles and challenges are designed especially for our adult customers, so it may feel somewhat less engaging for children under the age of 10.
  • How many can play the game?
    As you will need to use a smart device during your game such as a phone or tablet (also a bluetooth speaker is good to have at hand) the experience is most suited to teams no larger than 5 – however it is really up to the players. You can play the game with as few as one person.
  • OK, I paid for the game online. What happens next?
    Once you have paid, you will get a confirmation email with the necessary instructions. The email will advise you to download, print and read the instructions, make your way to the starting point, and start the game.
  • I need some advice and useful hint for the download please!
    The download may take up to 10 minutes. The download size is about 50 MB, you need your device to have that cache memory capacity. Do not interrupt downloading. Make sure you have good internet connection (public city connections are often not good enough in speed and reliability).
  • Can the game be played on multiple devices?
    The game can be played on only one device at a time. The link you receive from us can be used only once, for one download.
  • Do I need a GPS capable device?
    No, there is no need for a GPS connection at all.
  • Do I need ongoing internet connection?
    You do not need ongoing internet connection for playing the game. However, it is much advised to keep your internet connection live, because this way our server autosaves your progress, and if there is a technical issue during play time, or you need to suspend playing, you will be able to return to the last saved pint later and continue playing from there. Without internet connection this feature is not available.
  • When do I have to start the game once purchased?
    Once the game is downloaded, you may start the game any time, there is no time restriction. However, once you have started the game, you need to finish it within 15 days, including any pauses.
  • Can I stop and go home, and continue later?
    Yes, you can, this what the “rain” button is good for. When you pause the game, you can resume it at a later time, the program will continue from where you left it. If you close your browser, you will still be able to reload it and continue playing - only if you had continuous internet connection when playing.
  • How many times can I play the same game?
    You can stop and start the game as many times as you wish within 15 days, however, once played to the end, you will not be able to restart the program. In other words, one purchase is valid only for one full play of the game.
  • I bought a game, but I do not want to play it. Can I get a refund please?
    Unfortunately not, as per our terms and conditions once purchase is confirmed, there is no refund available.
  • What if I did not print the starting kit?
    Then you will not be able to kick off the experience, so we advise not to forget the printouts at home.
  • I am not a particularly sporty character. Ok to play the game still?
    Yes, absolutely. If you are fit enough to have a comfortable walk in the city, that’s all the exercise it will take to play the game to the full.
  • What should I wear?
    Whatever you like for a walk in the city in any given weather conditions. We would recommend comfy shoes and checking the weather before you head out.
  • What if my device runs out of battery during the game?
    In that case the game will be lost from your device. However if you played with live internet connection, you will be able to reload the game using the same link, and continue playing from the point you were last at.
  • Is there a real time technical support?
    No, there is not. You will not require any support during game play, the only difficulty you might face is that your net connection is too weak or your signal is lost. In this case, you just need to find a place where you can reconnect. However there is a phone line on our website for you to call, we will do our best to respond or return your call as soon as we can.

Detecticity games are great team building events for small and very large groups equally - launch your teams in 10-minute intervals and let the race start. This can be a great challenge for the teams. Who are the winners? Who performs best? How many hints did each team use? Compare your scores and celebrate!


The ideal size of a playing group is 4 to 5 members.


For large group event enquiries please contact us at:

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2.2. Customers of Detecticity Ltd.’s games may not disclose any details of the games directly or indirectly to the public.


3.1. Our product is a live outdoor team game, which is set and played by our customers in public areas of European cities described on our website.

3.2. The game can only be played in full once against one payment, with the use and exploitation of the disposable software bundle downloaded against payment from our website onto customers own smart devices and run in the html browser.

3.3. The Games are themed and placed on open public areas of the aforementioned European cities, where neither people nor any objects, personal belongings or interests are in any danger or risk as a result of the script, game flow, customer activities or any other aspects.

3.4. The games, its stories and characters are all fictitious. Any resemblance to real events and or persons whatsoever are purely coincidental and therefore unintentional.

3.5. Our games, storyboards, structures and electronic files and programs form intellectual property of Detecticity Ltd. Copying, replication, publishing in any details may only be carried out with prior written consent of Detecticity Ltd.

3.6. Our prices, as well as other appropriate and important information, such as age restrictions, warnings and recommendations about the games are published on our website.


4.1. The language available for the conclusion of a contract online is English.

4.2. Only person(s) who are at least 18 years of age are permitted to purchase a Game.

4.3. Purchasing a game is available online.

4.4. Any purchase on the website is valid only when processed by Detecticity Ltd.

4.5. The purchasing process is concluded when payment is confirmed. You shall receive a confirmation once your purchase is processed.

4.6. Customers are responsible for entering the required details correctly when processing the online purchase.

4.7. Detecticity Ltd. does not validate personal information entered by customers while making a purchase online.

4.8. Purchase is completed only when payment is confirmed. Until such confirmation the purchase is conditional only i.e. in absence of payment the purchase request gets refused.

4.9. Purchase confirmation is sent to the email address the customer who performed the purchase has entered onto the online form.


5.1. Full payment is required at the time of purchasing a game online.

5.2. Payments are processed in British Pounds.

5.3. Detecticity Ltd. uses WorldPay to process online payments. Accepted cards are listed on the website.

5.4. Refund in full or in part is not available once the purchase is confirmed as described under p. 4.9. herein above.


6.1. Once purchase is confirmed, cancellation is not an available option.


7.1. Detecticity Ltd. reserves the rights to unilaterally define any age restrictions for any of its games. These restorations will be defined based on the larger context of the storyboard, the nature and content of the story of the given game.

7.2. Detecticity Ltd. reserves the right to amend content of the games without any written prior notice to any third parties.

7.3. Detecticity Ltd. is not responsible for failed and uncompleted games as a result of

  • partial or full loss of internet connection of the customers,
  • bad and inferior weather conditions,
  • operating failure of the customers’ smart device including but not limited to battery depletion or failure,
  • unavailability of game routes due to road works, road closures, change of opening hours of public or third party institutions and buildings,
  • act of God,
  • or any other unforeseen events and circumstances beyond control of Detecticity Ltd.

7.4. Customers will participate in games entirely on their own accord and sole discretion, assuming all inherent risks and accountability of such a decision.

7.5. Detecticity Ltd is not responsible for any injuries, damages or losses to customers resulting from however not limited to traffic or any other types of accidents or incidents incurred during their movements on streets, parks or other fields of areas they attend when playing any of Detecticity Ltd.'s games.


8.1. For any legal disputes arising from and in relation to the product, to payments for the product or any other aspects of Detecticity Ltd.’s services and operations the applicable law is the UK law, as in force in Scotland.

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